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9th/10 Grade Boys Travel Team Announced
Congratulations to the following boys who made the 9th/10th grade Travel Team Rich Losasso, Chris Gomes, Brandon Machado, Aiden Dozois, Dayne Denson, Tyler Cicione, Mike Ducally, Austin Andrews, Christian Woodruft, Rob Cimini, Tyler Couto Coach Joe
by posted 11/23/2015
Fundraising Calendars

Attention players, coaches and parents...

It is not too late to hand in your fundraising calendars! There will be 2 more drop off opportunities this week.

You can leave them with the scorers at the Middle School on Monday night (11/23) between 6pm and 9:30pm. I will be stopping by after to pick them up.

They can also be delivered to me at Western Coventry School on Wednesday night (11/25) between. 6:30p and 8:00p.

Because of the Thanksgiving break those will be your last chances to get them in before drawings start on December 1st!!

We will be drawing on a weekly basis so we will continue to take them throughout the month of December at the concession tables, however with each passing day the chance of being drawn will go down!! So get them in this week!!!

by posted 11/22/2015
Parents of 9th and 10th grade boys
I am sure as some of you know we had a hiccup with this travel team with our coaching situation. We do have a new coach who is vrry interested in coaching the team. We are going to have yet another tryout so coach Joe can take a look at all the kids again. Try out will be this Monday 9 p.m. at Hopkins Hill school. Any questions regarding this team please contact Joe Gaulin or (401)524-1633
by posted 11/21/2015
Parents of 4th and 5th grade girls


              I am trying to put together a travel team for 4th and 5th grade. I would like to put a team in for each but if not at least a 5th grade team with some fourth graders on it. This is not uncommon in the girls division to have combo teams. 


             I  know the word "travel team" is new to some of you. Please don't be intimidated by it. If your daughter enjoys the game of basketball, this is for her. We play weekend tournaments from December through the middle of March. The team will practice once a week with the tournament selections being done by the coach. This is an extension of recreation basketball and is a great team/friend building experience. 


             I have a coach in place for this team already. His name is James Walters. Please contact him with any interest you have in this team. His email is 


Thank You

John Aguiar

by posted 11/17/2015
Fundraiser Raffle Calendars

Attention player, coaches and families,

Because of the Thanksgiving recess, this is the final full week of calendar sales. Drawings start on December 1st so we need to have all calendar sales finished and returned before the Thanksgiving break. The best way to do that will be at the concession & merchandise table this coming weekend (11/21 & 11/22). Karin will be posting where she will be set up so keep an eye out for that.

After this weekend you will also be able to drop them on Monday 11/23 at the middle school during Legends games. They can be left at the score keepers tables. I will pick them after the last game. Games run 6pm-10pm.

Also on Wednesday night (11/25) I will be at Western Coventry School from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Calendars can be dropped off to me there as well.

thank you to everybody for helping with our one and only fundraiser! And keep selling for a chance at a prize!! 3 top sellers will be drawn!!! 

Matt Martin

by posted 11/16/2015
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